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EDGE OF 94 MIDWEST is bringing our brand of NHL94 to Minneapolis Minnesota in 2020!

Sign up here! ================> https://www.paypal.me/trojan1979  Please end $40 in via friends and family, or $40 + the fee.

Modano Mo Problems will be our 5th effort spreading the love and joy of NHL94 to the frigid masses of the Midwest and beyond!

I'd like to recognize and offer thanks to @LeifErikson 's company AV For You!  They are our primary sponsor, helping us to continue to strive towards bringing you the best possible NHL94 experience from both a tournament participant, and a stream spectator standpoint!

What : NHL 94 tournaments for both Genesis and SNES

Where :  The Pourhouse Uptown - 2923 Girard Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

When : February 29th 2020, 11AM - completion

Cost :  $50 at the door, or $40 in advance -  Junior players(under age of 18) may participate for $20.  This entry includes access to both the Genesis and SNES tournaments.

Payout :  75% of all entry funds collected will be paid out.  The payout scale will be 60/30/10 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.  The available prize pool will be split evenly over the Genesis and SNES brackets. Additional prizes will be available to win that are not based on player performance in the way of video game/sports memorabilia.

Format : The Genesis tournament in it's entirety will precede the SNES tournament : Group play will precede bracket play.   A single elimination bracket will follow the group play phase.  A Maximum of 32 players will advance to bracket play.  The round of 32 will be a one and done game.  The final 16 will be a best 2/3 series.  A single 3rd place game(not series) will take home the 3rd place payout.  Higher seed will pick tier and be player 2/home team for game 1 and 3(if needed).  In game 2 for the final 16 players, the lower seed is then Player 1 and the home team picking the tier.

Rules : 5 minute periods, penalties on, no offside, manual goalie.  If it's in the game, it's in the game.  No game mechanics are banned.  Examples are pass shots, CB checks, hail mary shots, goalie interference goals, rebound goals on penalty shots, etc.    A coin flip winner will be the home team(player 1) and call the tier for team selection.  The opposing player is the away team(player 2) and chooses which team they want based on the tier selected.  You may select from within or below the tier specified.    Example: Player 1 selects Tier 2.  That removes DET, BUF, CHI, VAN, MTL from selection in that matchup.  Player 1 chooses CGY, Player 2 selects BOS.   Player 1 and Player 2 may not play as the same team.  NEW THIS YEAR: You must take a different team in the selected tier each time.  You are only permitted to repeat a team selection once you have used the other teams within that tier an equal number of times. (Exception to this rule if player 2 has selected the last remaining team available for player 1 in said tier, another team may be selected that was already used by player 1) This process resets between group play and the playoffs.


Genesis Tiers :


Tier 2: MTL, LA, CGY, WPG, BOS


Tier 4: PHI, EDM, WSH, PIT

Tier 5: NJD, STL, HFD, NYI

Tier 6: TB, SJ, OTW, ANH, FLA

SNES Tiers:







Games cannot end in a tie.  A new game must be started in the event of a tie game at the end of overtime.  Intentional time wasting in your own zone is prohibited.  You must attempt advancing the puck into the opposing zone whenever possible.  Players caught abusing this may have goals deducted, or in extreme cases the game awarded to the opposing player.  Players are required to take a photo of their score and report to the scorekeeper.  There is a 6 goal deficit mercy rule.  The game is over once a 6 goal difference is reached.  6 goals is the max goal differential counted.  Players are permitted to bring their own OEM or approved 3rd party controllers.  All other equipment is provided by us.  Having equipment on hand from volunteers as spares is always appreciated, but not required.

Hotel Accommodations :  The Moxy uptown has provided a special rate for our group if you use this link. https://www.marriott.com/event-reserva…/reservation-link.mi…

This deal also includes a complimentary drink from their bar!

In addition, we will have space dedicated for gaming the Friday night before the event! starting at 4PM! This offer is good until February 1st so book your rooms today!

Food and Drink at Venue : The Pourhouse is a premium sports bar experience, and will be the source of any food and drink needs all tournament long.

What types of systems are used for this? : All screens used are CRT using analog connections(typically composite), which means no input lag.  All Genesis systems and controllers are OEM, or Gamerztek brand clones.  The exception to this is the main stream setup which may use a high definition Mega SG and/or Super NT system  combined with a high speed PC monitor.  SNES are a mix of 1st gen, model 2, and NOAC clone units(again mostly Gamerztek).  All controllers are either OEM or Cirka, Hyperkin, or Gamerztek brand clones, which work very well.   You are welcome to use and bring your own OEM controller.  Our goal is 20 setups this year which means 40 concurrent gamers can play with no waiting.

Will this be streamed? :  AV For You will be handling the streaming tech.  Trojan will be the primary commentator with a slew of guest commentators.  We are planning on streaming on The Retro Sports Gamer YouTube Channel.  We highly recommend you follow them if you haven't already, as they play and stream all sorts of retro sports games, including NHL94.  You can find them here.... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+retro+sports+gamer

Can I dress up in hockey attire? : Expect a cross check if you don't get in the hockey spirit!

How can I help the tournament organizers? : In addition to committing early to attend we ask that you share the existence of this tournament, early and often, on all forms of social media.  Make travel plans early, and lock in so we know you are coming.  Bring new players, and make a weekend of it.

Will there be additional prizes? : In addition to cash prizes, and Lord Manly's Cup, we plan on having many different hockey/video game related prizes for giveaway available.  All entrants will be eligible for some prizes just for being there, and others will be available only to those who sign up early.  Stay tuned for more information!

Why was the tournament moved to Minnesota?  : While we have had successful events in Green Bay, some factors required we source a new venue.  First off, the Edge VR Arcade converted the space we used previously into addition VR Stations.  It was a business decision on their end, and we're thankful for them hosting us the prior two years.  We also recognized that about 2/3 of our player base comes from outside of Wisconsin.  Flying in and out of Green Bay caused major issues for some people, in fact it almost kept Angryjay93(3 time champion and our biggest advocate) out of the last tournament.  There are direct flights into Minneapolis readily available from all over the US and Canada, making this the most accessible tournament to the NHL94 community at large.  In addition, as we keep growing, we recognized the need to expand our staff manpower.  @LeifErikson has been instrumental in coordinating all things local both in the way of display/venue/manpower procurement.  This WILL be our best tournament to date, and it wouldn't be possible without Leif's support.  We also believe that there is a largely untapped market in "The other Canada" stateside.  We believe a new local demand, coupled with our pool of existing players, plus additional traveling players due to ease of travel should greatly expand our attendance numbers.

Why is there no Tecmo Super Bowl tournament the night before?: The Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments we held the past two years have been a tremendous hit.  Friday night = big business for The Pourhouse on the main floor.  With double the setups in play, and not being able to use the same area that evening, coupled with the logistics of transporting additional gear several hours away made this something we had to pass on this year.   Playing pickup games of Tecmo and other retro games is certainly an option in the Friday space that we'll have, but we don't plan on bringing a bunch of equipment into that area.  Again, Modano, Mo Problems ;).  A handful of systems will be setup to be used, but not enough to hold a full scale tournament.

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