Retro Sports League Championship

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The Retro Sports League Championship is an end of the year Tournament to decide who is the best Retro Sports Gamer.  During the course of the year we play retro and modern sports games versus other man players either live in-person or online.  We keep records of all the games played and stream most of the games on The Retro Sports Gamer Youtube Channel.  Anyone is welcome to join the league by challenging us at DMen Tap in Chicago on Monday nights or challenging us online while we are there on the Nintendo Switch.  You can also join our discord to request to play us in games online via PS4 and emulator.  Players are invited to the Retro Sports League Championship based on their record during the year and top level finishes at our other tournaments.   The 1st Place Grand Champion will receive a cash prize of an amount to be determined. 

Tecmo Players Championship


The Tecmo Players Championship is a high buy-in Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament for the NES.  Players are guaranteed to play over 10 games and are advanced automatically to a best of 3 single elimination tournament to determine the champion.  Since this tournament pays out 100% of the entry fees to its participants, the 1st place prize is well over $!,000. 

Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship


The Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship is a unique tournament that uses a custom tier list for team selection and allows players to play the game in its "natural state".  Any playbook change, player substitution, or in-game move is completely legal.  This tournament is friendly to players that have been out of the game for a while and experienced players that are willing to step outside their comfort zone.  

The Equalizer Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

Equalizer 2.jpg

The Equalizer is a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament is designed to give any player a chance to win it all. Players are put into round robin groups with other players of their skill level.  A better record in group play means you will get a higher draft pick for the team you will use for the remainder of the tournament during bracket play.  It's up to you to take your drafted team to the ship for a chance to win the championship. 

Live Tournaments